Boulevard Brewing & Green Dirt Farm

Missouri Commercial Photographer | Food & Beverage


Photographing beer in a sexy way is rarely an easy task, and the shot above is case in point. The biggest hurdle in this shot was the wide exposure range we had to deal with. The fresh cheeses from Green Dirt Farm are absolutely AMAZING to eat, but the bright ivory white color was a challenge to keep in check (exposure wise) while lighting up those dark Amber colored bottles of delicious beer from Boulevard Brewing.

I created this look using some old 1920's original barn wood surfaces I found in a local antique store, which I think are perfect to accentuate the clients artisan products.  Shot on a Nikon DSLR system, we created this image in 3 captures. The reason for the 3 separate shots was for the labels on the beer bottles themselves. Shooting this way allowed me to highlight each label independently without a huge amount of light spill into the other areas of the shot.

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