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When we were approached by the Kansas City Missouri marketing team at Green Dirt Farm and Boulevard Brewing to shoot a cross company promotion for a small selection of their respective products, it goes without saying we were flattered and eager to create the work! Knowing the physical characteristics of these products, the biggest technical challenge would be to overcome the massive exposure disparity between a very light color (almost white) cheese, and the extremely dark amber beer bottles. All the while, minimizing those annoying reflections from the lights on our beer bottles, and making the whole scene appealing. A task we were happy to take on!

When it came to building the set there were a couple initial creative discussions that led us to the conclusion that using old barn wood, would help sell the idea that these are handcrafted, artisan products. (You'll see a photo below of an old 1920's cargo box that I picked up at a local Antique store which was perfect for our table top surface) The background is also a piece barn wood from the early 1900's that we found at another road side antique shop, and would serve perfectly for our background. We physically separated the tabletop "box" and the background wood by about 6 1/2 to 7 feet to allow for some separation and room to better control & place our lights. 

We used a grand total of four lights for this project. Two small strip banks on either side of the set, along with an overhead 18" beauty dish, and a single optical spot that we moved around the set to highlight specific areas within the shot. 



For a more behind the scenes look at how we staged & lit the products, click on the above photos to scroll through some of our iPhone photos. Make sure to check out the full article over on PDNonline.com.

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