Corporate Head Shots

Corporate Head Shot Examples | Solid Style Backgrounds

Corporate Head Shot Examples | Solid Style Backgrounds



Today your online presence tells everyone more about your company culture than ever before.  Having a professional headshots for your executives, managers, and employees in general has never been more important.  They are the face of your company and when professional imagery is used in your general marketing, industry trade magazines, blogs, interviews, or other media outlets, it can be a very powerful tool for your company branding.

If you have face to face consultations with your clients, or even if you don’t … a professional headshot is going to go a long way in building trust right away.  A human face more than anything, will help potential clients, investors, or others feel a connection to your staff, often before even physically meeting them.

We enjoy working with local and regional companies to produce the type of photography that best underscores the company culture, and highlights every employee in the best possible light.  Our studio is available to travel to you, and when we do, rest assured we will bring everything needed for the job.  Shoot us a call or an email, to discuss details & plan out what might be needed in terms of space and time.  



For companies and personnel with busy schedules (which is most of us these days) I can arrive on location early for load in and set up (typically before the first employee arrives.) Many companies choose to either book either a half day or a full day, depending on the number of people that need to be photographed. This approach allows for the most flexibility, and enables even the busiest employees flexible enough schedule to drop by for a quick professional head shot.  In a typical half day I can shoot between 6-10 people (in various locations) and a full day we can average around 25.  (You can double these numbers if we plan to shoot all of the company head shots on the same background in a single location) These numbers give us the chance to make sure that we get a quality product that represents your organization in the best way possible.  

For organizations that have a large number of people to shoot in a short amount of time feel free to contact us to find a solution that works for you.  We have photographed upward of 125 people in one day onsite.



Company events are another way to shoot a large number of people in one place and get the shots of your staff that you need.  I can bring an entire kit on location and setup to get your company headshots during the event.  Contact me and let's put together a successful company head shot production at your next company event!



Another aspect to our studio offerings, is in shooting Annual Reports and environmental photography for organizations.  This style of photography can be more photojournalistic in style, or can be very polished with a high production value giving your annual report a consistent high end presentation. On a project like this, you should expect a number of images that can be used for annual reports or other company materials. 


Environmental Portrait Example

Environmental Portrait Example